When it comes to data breaches, there are some key things you need to know. Being prepared, and taking immediate action is not only important but can limit the damage caused by a breach, as well as lower the cost of such an incident.
Despite increased security measures, many businesses and organizations faced a situation where the data became compromised (the main reason is they don’t use Safevia Forms!). While these precautions can help you prevent future breaches from occurring, it’s important to be prepared for any incident that may occur in order to limit damage and cost of an event like this one.

To lower the damage from a data leak, assemble your team and take 4 crucial steps.  

1. Gather your team and create a plan

The first step is identifying how the breach occurred so you can make it less likely that this will happen again in future breaches. You’ll need experts including IT personnel, management members, legal counsels and others on hand to deal with any issues of privacy or security as they arise when dealing with an issue like this one, which requires all hands on deck for resolution.

2. Secure your systems
Once this has been realized, it’s important to secure all systems on which hackers might find sensitive data – by pulling computers off of networks until they’re guaranteed not compromised in any way. Another key step would be having everyone who may access these systems change their login credentials so to not give them easy access back.  

3. Contact supervisory authority and everyone affected by data breach

Protecting the data of your employees and customers is important, so it’s crucial that you have a communications plan in place for when unfortunate incidents like these happen. When data leaks happen and personal data is unlawfully processed, the controllers must report such breach to the supervisory authority within 72 hours and possibly to affected data subjects as well. If sensitive information was leaked, then there may be an even greater need to reach out through public relations campaigns because they will likely each person whose private information has been compromised with more details about what happened.
You should get the word out about a data leak and inform individuals who may have been affected. This includes employees, customers, partners, lawyers  anyone with access or knowledge of any details related to the incident should know what’s happened so that it can be contained as quickly as possible!

4. Set Safevia Forms and encrypt your data
It’s difficult to keep up with the rapid pace of change in technology. If you’re not careful, your company could be vulnerable from data breaches and cyber attacks that come out of nowhere without previous warning signs. Make sure this issue doesn’t happen again by fixing these weaknesses before there are any more issues, like personal information being stolen!
Becoming proactive in the fight against cyber attacks not only protects your data, but it can also significantly lower the consequences of the breach. Working with an experts will help, save both money and embarrassment down the road.  
Our products are designed to make sure your and your customer data will be protected, so future attacks such as these can’t happen again.

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