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Do you send and receive sensitive data via the Internet?
Take care of their safety.

Do you send sensitive data as an attachment or in the messenger?

If you send sensitive data via email or WhatsApp messenger, anyone who breaks into your inbox or your computer will immediately gain access to this content. With Safevia Messeges, the message and the files you want to send will be encrypted on your computer and a link will be generated that you can send to the recipient by any means. You decide whether the file will be password protected and after what time the message and attached files will be automatically deleted.

We use the best end-to-end encryption algorithms available in modern web browsers. No third party analytics and tracking software, no ads, no hidden hooks.

The golden rule of the internet says:

Treat everything you have sent or received as public

This applies especially to personal data such as addresses, PESEL, credit card numbers or signatures - everything that could be used to extort a loan, buy a product in installments on someone else's behalf, take over an existing business or, in extreme cases, ruin someone's life.

The security rules for transmitting sensitive data are often unknowingly not being followed

Most people often send passwords, scans of documents, and personal information via e-mail or chats. It is a convenient method, but it is definitely not safe. Most of these messages are stored for years on both the sender and recipient side and will never be deleted. Companies collecting such Information are favorite targets of hacking attacks. In case of loss of a device (smartphone or lapotope), the data may also fall into the wrong hands.

Most people use very weak and similar passwords for all services

This makes a hacking attack even easier and more likely.

We have clear rules

At Safevia, we follow 4 simple principles as we consider them essential to providing a secure tool to protect the data of our customers and our own. (We also use Sefavia :)).

Quality is our priority

Safevia is based on proven encryption methods and minimizes the human factor, which is why our products are so secure.

We like transparency

All source code written in JavaScript is fully auditable. Each person can verify our effectiveness.

Better every day

Advances in technology keep us from standing still: we are constantly working to improve our products.

We are open

We are happy to share knowledge, answer questions and adapt solutions to the requirements of our clients.

Schedule a free demo

You will see how Safevia Forms works in practice, we will answer your questions and present additional tool options.

Our Products

Safevia Forms

A tool for encrypting contact, purchase and survey forms.

Safevia Messages

It will ensure safe transmission of sensitive data and files with customers and inside your company.

Safevia Chats

Encrypted corporate chat increasing the security of data transmission.

Coming soon!

Safevia e-Trade

A tool for safe trade in digital products.

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Dedicated encryption solutions to protect your and your customers data


Safevia Forms

Safevia Messages

Safevia Chats

Safevia e-Trade


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