Safevia Forms

A secure way to submit forms and collect data.

Safe data
is encrypted data

Safevia Forms is a tool that allows you to collect sensitive customer and user data using encrypted forms. The data is encrypted immediately before it is sent and stored in this form on the server. Only authorized persons possessing a private decryption key have access to the actual data content.

Thanks to this, in the event of a hacking attack or an internal leak (for example, the fault of the administrator or hosting company), it is not possible to decrypt the messages contained in the forms.

How can you use Safevia Forms?

We provide forms tailored to the needs of each business. Our encryption methods support, among others text boxes, check boxes and files attached to the form. Thanks to this, you will protect:

WordPress plugin

For the convenience of our clients, we have prepared the Safevia Forms solution in the form of a dedicated WordPress plugin. This ensures ease of installation and integration with existing websites without the need to interfere with the website code.

Installation and configuration does not require technical knowledge. Using the visual editor, you can customize the form to your needs in a few minutes. Data entered using forms can be saved directly on WordPress, or sent to a dedicated Safevia Forms Server, which will provide an additional level of security.

Safevia Forms Server

Dedicated server application to run in own infrastructure ("on premise"). It allows you to store and view the entered forms and manage them and encryption keys. As an application installed on a separate server, it provides additional data security - in particular by reducing the sensitivity of database access.

In addition, it relieves the web server with the website so that subpages can load faster. Using Safevia Forms Server, with a minimal programming effort, you can link any form independently of the content management system (eg WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, AEM, Sitecore). We provide technical support during implementation.

How it works

An associated RSA key pair with a length of 4096 bits is used to handle the form. The public key is assigned to the form on the website, while the private key – it remains only for people who are to have direct access to the information from the form.
Automatically at the time of sending the form, a random symmetric key with a length of 256 bits is generated, which is used for encryption with the AES algorithm in GCM mode of all the form fields collected and optionally each individual file. For each file, a new initialization vector (IV) is also randomized for key security.
The symmetric AES key itself used to encrypt information and files is encrypted with the public key assigned to the form using the RSA OAEP algorithm and sent as such with the encrypted data.
When accessing data, user will receive from the server only encrypted form of data. If he wants actually to decrypt and read them, he needs to use private key localy in his browser.

Validation on the server

If data validation on the server is required, such data will be processed by the server and immediately forgotten after the execution of business processes. Only encrypted information will be stored.

Data export

Our solutions allow you to export encrypted, partially or fully decrypted data in tabular form to a CSV file.

Data Retention

According to the GDPR, information should only be kept for as long as necessary. Safevia Forms Server allows you to delete stored data before a specific date.

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You will see how Safevia Forms works in practice, we will answer your questions and present additional tool options.

Our Products

Safevia Forms

A tool for encrypting contact, purchase and survey forms.

Safevia Messages

It will ensure safe transmission of sensitive data and files with customers and inside your company.

Safevia Chats

Encrypted chat increasing the security of data transmission.

Coming soon!

Safevia e-Trade

A tool for safe trade in digital products.

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Dedicated encryption solutions to protect your and your customers data


Safevia Forms

Safevia Messages

Safevia Chats

Safevia e-Trade


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