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Dedicated encryption solutions
to protect your and your customers data

Did you know…


of cyberattack targets small ecommerce stores?


of business that go out of the market after data breache


of all traffic in ecommerce are hacking attempts?

$11 M

this is the value of loses caused by cyberattacks per minute?

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Do visitors to your store or website leave data such as name, surname or e-mail? Standard security for your website may not be enough. Take care of the safety of your clients, colleagues and your own.

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Do you run e-commerce?

Your store’s customers leave you with very sensitive data, which is an attractive asset for theft. Lack of proper protection will allow hackers full access to them and can expose you and your customers to huge losses. You can protect yourself from it. Safevia Forms makes it completely impossible to read such data.

Are you organizing webinars?

Willing to participate in the online event, sign up via the form on the website? Data from such places is often unprotected, making it a simple target of attack. If a leak occurs, all participant information becomes visible. Use Safevia Forms and don't let any unauthorized person see your clients' data.

Safevia protects your GDPR data

Ecommerce and webinars use GDPR data, and leakage of it can cost you huge amounts of money. Our solutions are fully compliant with the European Union guidelines, and what's more, they raise the standard of data protection by several levels higher than standard tools.

Simple and quick installation

We combine security with convenience, which is why our solutions use proven cybersecurity standards, and are easy to install and do not require technical knowledge. Additionally, you can always write to us or make an appointment.

A tailor-made solution

Free consultation

If you want to learn more about our products, have an additional question or are simply not sure what you need, arrange a consultation. We will help you choose the solution best suited to your needs.

If free solutions were effective, it wouldn't be Safevia

WordPress, Shopify, PrestaShop, and other popular platforms are a favorite target of hacking attacks. Free security is often of low quality and creates an excessive sense of security that can put your business in serious trouble. Your security investment is a fraction of what you can lose.

The question is:

No if, but when will the leakage occur?

The security of your customer data is in your hands.

High penalties for inactivity

Failure by the company to take measures to minimize the risk of data leakage has an impact on the amount of the fine imposed.

Leaks are increasing

Most data leaks are the result of cybercriminals' activities. From 2020, the number of cyber attacks at over 300%.

More data, more risk

Over 80% of companies store sensitive data of their clients, which they will never use again for any purpose.

Secure your business

Data, privacy and credibility are becoming an invaluable asset these days. This attracts many threats, and we know how to meet them.

Our Products

Safevia Forms

A tool for encrypting contact, purchase and survey forms.

Safevia Messages

Tool for securely transferring sensitive data and files.

Safevia Chats

Encrypted corporate chat increasing the security of data transmission.

Coming soon!

Safevia e-Trade

A tool for safe trade in digital products.

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

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Dedicated encryption solutions to protect your and your customers data


Safevia Forms

Safevia Messages

Safevia Chats

Safevia e-Trade


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