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This is why you should use

Forget about sending sensitive data as plain (open) text

When exchanging sensitive data you can quickly lose control over it.

There is a golden rule of the Internet - anything you send or receive treat as public, as sooner or later it can be revealed and published or exploit.

Especially when it comes to personal data - like identification information, address, signature... anything that could be used by criminals to extort a loan, start an unclean company on someone's behalf, take over existing business or just ruin someone's life.

Rule to secure sensitive data sounds trivial and obvious, but it's commonly unconsciously violated.

Most people frequently send passwords, scans, personal data through e-mail, chats or messaging applications. This is a comfortable way but for sure it's not secure! Most of these messages are just laying there for years, both in the sender's outbox and receiver's inbox, usually never being deleted, waiting for some hacker to sooner or later break into communication service or user's account! Or just by losing device (smartphone or laptop), data could fall into the wrong hands.

Unfortunately, many people are using weak passwords for Internet services and reuse the same one in all services, making hack possibility even easier and more probable.

Secure alternative

You can use to make it harder to intercept the message content. Using this service text and files are encrypted and decrypted directly in web browsers of the sender and receiver. What's more, the message will no longer be available after some given time.

Simple to use

It is very easy: go to Encrypt page, enter message and file, and that's it! URL link will be generated which you can send through your favourite communication channel (such as e-mail or chat). So fast giving so much security!

Even more secure

Optionally set a password and change the maximum availability time of the message.

The receiver may securely delete the message right after reading.

Remember that messages and files cannot be read even by Administrators (without full URL link to the message and password if set), so it's also more resistant to hacker's attack than most communication services. Read more...